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How to repair axle beam mount on Lexus GS 350

Suspension Technician
Charles Davis
If you ask how to remove axle beam mount in your car, you can see the article how to install axle beam mount DIY!
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Comments on how to fix axle beam mount on a Lexus GS 350:
How much?
Dam that bus sits high...nice...
Did u lube up the petcock before?
You get what you pay for, you got EBAY parts. the oem bushings on Zs and Gs are trash too. I have z1 trans and rear dif poly mounts and they are really nice, perfect fit, no vibrations. Also not all polyurethane are made equally, there are different grades.
Infinity ex 35 2008 how to remove head gasket
Where can i get those at..?
I hate energy suspension. I cant find the correct part number for the transmission mount to a 2002 trans am. I even called them and they couldnt provide me with the correct part number. And this was last week.
How do you access the fan under the filter?
Hello sir, I have the IS250 AWD 2009. Previous owner installed the F-Sport performance air intake system which contain the F-Sport filter washable and reusable. My question is can I use a regular engine filter or do I have to reuse the Fsport engine filter(or purchase a new Fsport engine filter)? Thanks,
Thank you for the direct instructions. Very helpful.
nice job! how much did that save you?
You don’t put thread sealant on flare fittings
i took my old hubs off the front easily if you have a drive hammer bar (whatever you want to call it) with a hook on the end. Just pounded it out. took less than minute.
No problems out of those lights fixn to get some those are nice those yellow bulbs are killing me. So no capacitor just plug and play
was that a GM FTP?
My G35 does it only when its hot outside, or if I let the car idle for too long. If I start the car and start driving right away, it won’t happen, but if I let the car idle for 15+ minutes, the clutch will get stuck right away. Its not only that the pedal wont come back all the way, but also the clutch engagement point kind of sinks in so, that it gets harder to take off and shift while driving. My theory is that the slave cylinder is worn. It somehow reacts to the heat from engine bay plus hot weather. Will be changing slave...
I like ur video then i need one video Infinity ex 35 how to remove head gasket
Purchase this filter at
Thanks for the video. When I tried to replace mine, I found a pile of lint (looks like a lint with colored strings). Not sure if it dirt or some kind of insulation. Any advice? Thank you.
What is the name of that piece? 10:33
Yo does this apply for the rear side markers too?
Thank you
That's the way, I like it! Works as it should! Thanks a lot brother! Cheez
Enjoying the tear down. You are that far in I’d at least be looking at The rod and main bearings after that hard hit that sent the engine back. And yes you said it was running good before but did it run after
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