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How to repair receiver dryer on Piaggio Porter v

Heating & Air Conditioning Professional
Joshua Martinez
Wondering how to replacing receiver dryer in your auto, I’ll show you the manual how to install receiver dryer the right way!
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Comments on how to fix receiver dryer on a Piaggio Porter v:
I love removing lug nuts with cordless impacts. In fact I have slowly converted most of my air tools to cordless tools. Its the way to go. No more air compressors. As technology gets better and better, I think that with every passing year these cordless tools are getting more and more powerful.
When he said my nuts it was funny as hell
Will you be reviewing the Kobalt 24v 'compact' 1 drive impact wrench??? It has 50 more foot pounds then the 3 wrench, and should be available in May 2017 I believe. You can see in on Lowe's web sight, just won't let you order it yet. $80 for bare tool.
Did not see a dewalt there...! also never use a 3 to 1 inch adapter to do heavy bolts as it is not designed for that and will burn the motor, 1 down to 3 is the way to go or better still get a 1' drive machine...
Very very cool. I want one now :)
Where are you at a ... daycare hahahaha
should have used an impact socket
please use 6 point impact socket instead of 12 points regular socket.. that causes the nut stuck into the socket... waste time to remove the nut
This is wrong. The light blue Kobalt is the only TRUE impact wrench in this vid. The others are impact drivers. Helluva difference
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Another good one Terry!
Have you shown the kit you used to put air pressure onto the system? If you have, I'd love a link to see that. And you said Ultrasonic leak detector? I guess it helps you hear vibrations? I quick google shopping search shows me on the low ~$350 and on the a glance on the high that these are $1,000 more. Do they have good reach to go far into tight places so you can hear leaks? I'm very interested in this technology. What else have you used it for?
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I don't know why but when you repair an AC system and have it run with ice cold air for the first time it turns into a smile machine! Always nice to get it done and have it work great!
how can i install petrol and gas switch change.
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