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How to change automatic transmission fluid (ATF) on Soueast Delica

Lubrication Specialist
Thomas Moore
If you want to know where to add automatic transmission fluid (ATF) in your vehicle, you can see the quick review how to check automatic transmission fluid (ATF) step-by-step!
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Comments on how to fix automatic transmission fluid (ATF) on a Soueast Delica:
Mehran car ka kitne per aur kon saa oil use karey?
Sweet method, sweet method.
Hello. I have 2020 hyundai elanta. I changed the transmission fluid and I checked the level after two days. I check the fluid at 150F C while the engine was turned off. There was about 1 to 1 quarts of fluid was spilled. Did I check it in the wrong way? Should I refill the transmission again?
first time hearing that thanks for the info :)
AWD models : 4.3 L (4.5 US qt) 2WD models : 3.7 L (3.9 US qt) isisviewer sa.aspx?m=61T0&k= pubs enu enu&p=SM&t=H&mo del=CR-V&year=201 5&referer=ownerlink Replace rear differential fluid (AWD models) Use Honda DPSF-II. Capacity : 1.2 L (1.3 US qt)
Ayos boss
John Kelly has a wealth of mechanical knowledge floating inside his head. I been a gearhead all my life and I'm so glad that I stumbled onto this channel. He unfolds the mystery and the magic hidden inside of transmissions, transaxles and rear end gear sets. If I would have stumbled onto something like this as a young man then, it may have changed the direction of my whole life...Oh Well...back to electronic interfacing and spark chasing because all this gear stuff still blows my mind...but, I love it.
Richard this link on ebay for GDS : trksid=p3984.m14 38.l2649 it is the tool that dealer hyundai uses.                Danny
In the future do you hope to have kits for newer cars? Like new generation vw's?
Do you think it would be ok to do the drain and fill with the Castro multi vehicle transmission fluid, but then use the Acura fluid for the final fill in order to save a few bucks??
If they said 700cc, that's it. Put 700cc.
Thanks for the information very informtive
Tim thanks for posting, your videos are very helpful as we have the same car and model. More power and keep up the good work!
Is this the same for 2008 e350 4MATIC as well?
Thank you so much!
This is an excellent review of transmission fluid specs and how to read the label correctly on transmission fluid products for sale to the consumer. I have a 2002 Toyota Tacoma V6 ...-Cab 4x4, and per my Toyota owner's manual and Toyota factor repair manual, my Aisin automatic transmission Model No. 30-40LE requires Dexron III automatic transmission fluid. My local Toyota dealer sold me Toyota auto transmission fluid T-IV and insisted it was backward compatible for Dexron III. Toyota T-IV is not backward compatible with Dexron III. This led me to search for the correct automatic transmission fluid for my Tacoma. The most recommended and popular automatic transmission fluid is Valvoline's Max LIfe in non or synthetic versions on many Toyota and Tacoma forums. When you read the label on those ATF products, they are NOT GM licensed and not GM-approved to be backward compatible with Dexron III, as explained by Professor John D. Kelly. Dexron VI is backward compatible with Dexron III. Valvoline does sell a GM-approved and GM license Dexron VI automatic transmission fluid, and so do other companies.
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