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How to repair camshaft on Dodge Ram 50

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Jeffrey Lopez
You want to know how to change camshaft in your car, take a look how to replacing camshaft by your hands!

What does a high lift cam do on a Dodge Ram 50?

Camshaft - High Lift and Duration - Increase Horsepower - As it rotates this lobe lifts up this rocker arm and when it pushes up that rocker arm it pushes down here on the valve spring. And that valve spring opens up allowing air to come. In.

Can you tune an R18 on a Dodge Ram 50?

Option to upgrade to Forced Induction tuning. A complete tune, everything you need to get the R18 running even better at part and WOT! Unlimited revisions for when the modifications don't change, so if the car is not perfect yet, we will still tune it until perfect even if at Rev8-9 etc, as long as mods are the same.

What does it mean if an engine on a 2015 Dodge Ram 50 is cammed?

It merely means that the engine has been modified by the addition of an aftermarket camshaft and the required tune. The degree of performance that was changed is all dependent of the specification of the cam.

How much is a cam for Tahoe on a Dodge Ram 50 2014?

Dodge Ram 50 Camshaft - from $269.99+ |.

How do I set the time on my ej25 on a Dodge Ram 50?

Dodge Ram 50 EJ25 SOHC Camshaft Timing - Into the correct timing. Position without having the valves strike the piston tops. This is camshaft sprocket number one this is the cam timing mark on the sprocket.

When should I upgrade my camshaft on a 2021 Dodge Ram 50?

Upgrading the factory camshaft is a great way to gain more power and torque. It's usually the next step after improving exhaust and the cold air intake. The numbers below are above what a tuned car with the stock cam and full exhaust upgrade would typically get.

Can a camshaft sensor cause a car to overheat?

Can a faulty camshaft sensor cause engine to overheat? No, but this post might help: auto-repair/What-Causes-a-Car.

Does the Pentastar engine have a timing belt?

The 3.6L Pentastar makes use of a timing chain in place of a timing belt. The timing drive uses four chains, each of which is a "silent chain link" design to improve sprocket engagement and cut noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH). These chains need to be replaced at some point.

How much does it cost to Cam a Dodge Ram 50?

Dodge Ram 50 1500 Camshaft Replacement Cost Estimate. The average cost for a Dodge Ram 50 1500 camshaft replacement is between $2,528 and $3,112. Labor costs are estimated between $2,235 and $2,819 while parts are priced at $292.

What RPM do cams break-in on a Dodge Ram 50 2013?

Perhaps the most important step in the break-in process is to bring the engine immediately up to a minimum of 2,500 rpm or more. This is vital because most V8 pushrod engine camshafts are not pressure-lubed.
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good read
Just finished my cam swap. Cam, cam bearings, heads, rockers, lifters, timing set. Already had an Airgap intake, (where'd you find an M1?!) I posted on part 1 about the bearings. (Make sure you check them good!) You got lucky on the bearings. Almost everything with over a hundred thousand on it has some pretty serious wear, that I've done. Nicely done and pretty quick. Great job showing the degreeing of the cam. Time consuming but always better safe than sorry. Nice job.
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Can a duramax 420cc engine get these upgrades?
with cams you should have been going to 8k or more rpms
Your cam sensor placements are the same as my Murano. I assume it is the same engine? Not too car savvy and really new to this. The rear sensor for me is black, rectangular and flat. My new one is the same as your old. I will have no issue with swapping? And I also notice one of m sensors says 'cam sensor' so does that mean this one particular sensor cps0005 can be used in either front sensor location or crank sensor location?
yes but usually it isn't very helpful with those sensors because the signals are not uniform and consistent. so it makes the frequency graph almost unless to identify. a glitch. your better off viewing the waveform signature on those.
sounds great..!
Yea well my car just won't work lol. Working on a tight engine bay seems stressful.
Thanks for posting this. It's great to see the complete job before deciding if it's something I want to tackle or if I should let a pro take over. I also liked the oil cooler seal videos. Why did you change belt tensioner type? Is one type better than the other?
The car ran prior to me changing the senor, it took a while to turn over, i would have to turn the key and hold it for a few seconds then it would start. I checked code which was a po344 so I changed cam sensor with aftermarket sensor. I started the car and let it run for a few seconds and then I cut it off, I did this twice. I then torqued the upper intake bolts to spec and put the air box back on then I tried to start the car but would not start. it cranks but will not turn over. I put the old sensor back in (which was missing the paper gasket) but it still will not start with the old sensor either. Not sure whats wrong but I'm trying to get a mopar sensor now