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How to repair leaf spring bush on Suzuki Samurai

Suspension Professional
Daniel Clark
If you ask how to remove leaf spring bush in your auto, you can see the quick tutorial for leaf spring bush repair very easy and efficient way!

Can you adjust leaf springs on a Suzuki Samurai?

Leaf Spring Re-Arching - But we also can take care of your leaf springs on your vehicles. If you want to take them off and bring them in sometimes when you're fine-tuning your ride height on your hot rod or your 4x4.

Does the Suzuki Samurai have independent rear suspension?

The Suzuki Samurai rides on a strengthened unibody frame and has independent rear suspension. As a result, it has the ride quality of an SUV, which is desirable if your truck is an everyday driver.

What is low lying fog called on a 2022 Suzuki Samurai?

We've all awakened to a misty low-lying ground cover that usually "burns off" in the morning sun. That's radiation fog, and it typically forms on clear, calm nights as the land cools via thermal radiation. When the air directly above the ground starts cooling too, it can't hold as much moisture.

Can you replace leaf spring bushings?

Leaf Spring Bushing Replacement - And then we can press in our new bushings which shouldn't be hard at all alright so for installing new bushings. Since I got like polyurethane bushings it's pretty simple we got two halves.

How do you soften polyurethane bushings on a Suzuki Samurai?

Unscrew the bolt holding the bushings in place and slide them right off. Heat up a pot of water on the stove. Place the bushings in the pot for 10 to 15 minutes. Turn off the heat and remove the bushings while they are still hot.

How often do you need to replace bushings on a Suzuki Samurai?

All bushings need to be replaced at least once in a cars lifetime because as they age, the rubber dries up and starts to rip then crack all around the bushing.

Can bad leaf spring on a Suzuki Samurai bushings cause vibration?

I'd start with making sure your tires are balanced and true. An out of balance tire (especially and over sized tires), can cause a vibration that will get worse as your speed increases. The worn out bushings on your leaf springs will only serve to amplify the vibration.

How do you fix a squeaky golf cart?

The easiest way to fix this problem is to identify the springs which are squeaking and to apply a silicon lubricant to them. This type of spray is quite easy to apply and doesn't cost a lot of money to purchase, which makes this a fairly easy repair.

How much is a gallon of gas in Japan on a 2021 Suzuki Samurai?

Nation City Price in USD Regular/Gallon
Japan Tokyo $4.24
Czech Republic Prague $4.19
Romania Bucharest $4.09
Andorra $4.08

Why is gas so expensive in Hawaii on a Suzuki Samurai 2022?

Gas prices in Hawaii are driven by many factors including the state's high real estate prices and the cost of shipping fuel by barge to other islands after refining at the Par Pacific refinery on Oahu. In ordinary times it is typical for crude oil price trends to affect retail prices 60 days out.
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Comments on how to fix leaf spring bush on a Suzuki Samurai:
Hi. The bit on the stub axle with the grooves worn in it is a replaceable part called a distance piece. Clamp the SA in a vice and give distance piece a few good whacks with a cold chisel and it will come off. I've replaced them on all four of my SA's recently. Try part number 599698 stub axle distance piece. They go back on no bother with a bit of heat and using the old distance piece and a metal punch to knock them down with. Thanks for posting the vids.
I am binge watching...happy me
Yes I agree, there’s always more than one way to skin a rabbit. The bushes could be pressed in with screwed rod and tubing. Once again a great entertaining video, keep up the good work.
The quality of your video belies your aussie bushy exterior, you must be a cluey bloke up top, or does the ... and strife help out there. re your safety footwear, have you heard the term “Japanese safety boots”=thongs, ... pluggers better than single pluggers, and “Jesus creepers”=sandals. Even your shed is so much like the Australian farm sheds, big, open at one end and with corrugated iron, must make you feel at home in a strange land.
Quite a task doing a restoration on such an old vehicle. It is 5 years older than the '62 Bedford bus we went round Australia in and we eventually had to retire that due to ... getting spare parts. It got so bad that almost everything that needed to be replaced would have had to be custom made. Hope you have had better luck with the landy.
Awesome vlogging on you build. I can’t find these poly bushing for my sunny to save my life. Where did you get them?
Nice job good to see the home made tool is working well
New subscriber awesome job. Have any videos from start to finish making a knife. my friend.Do you work with Stainless steel also or just carbon steel. thanks
how much u charge for kitchen knife outa leaf spring
We all do things differently, so interesting watching the way you do things. I used to do it by drilling out the rubber part of the bush with a small drill, knocking the centre and bits of remaining rubber out, then threading an upside down hacksaw blade through the bush, reattaching the handle then sawing a line across the outer, then WD40 and chisel the outer part of the bush through, if that makes sense! Either way it’s a barsteward of a job and bet we use the same words during this grim process :-) Very nice job on the springs and the chassis doesn't generally look too bad at all; better quality and 14 gauge steel on the early stuff. Nail it with Waxoil or something similar inside and out is the way I’d go once it’s solid. Enjoying this very much probably because I'm not doing it ;-) Keep up the good work Mr Foreman.