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How to repair brake light switch on Rolls Royce Phantom

Electrical & Lights Specialist
Richard Walker
You ask how to replace brake light switch in your auto, I’ll show you the article how to remove brake light switch the right way!
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Comments on how to fix brake light switch on a Rolls Royce Phantom:
doc pwedi tanong, bakit po ba pag tuwing mag brake or maka daan ako nang malubak parang umaalog ... steering wheel?
So I did all of this and when I took the break lite switch out, I put it back in and now no lights come in and the Jeep won’t start at all, the only problem was the break lights and now nothing will even start, and no electricity throughout anything, any idea what’s going on?
AOA, mery pas hunda prider hay,me us me hi speed alpha ki handle asembli lagana chahta hon,is me kill sewtch aur demper hota hay aur asharon ka batan bhi autometic hota hay,prider me ye saholat nahe di gai,kia prider me ye lag sakti hain,aap k jawab ka muntazir rahon ga
... dagdag tropapits hehehe ayos
Demonstration very good thank you
Get them on for brake or clutch pedal stop pad for your make of car...plenty available for less than $2 bucks.    Apparently Honda isn't the only manufacturer that uses something like this.   Luckily my parts store (NAPA) let me return the $43 brake light switch I bought before I discovered that all I really needed was a small plastic part.   Thanks for the video man...hope it serves to inform many others before they shell out the bucks for a more expensive and unnecessary part or repair bill.
Ewas Lang pre..baka lumiyab
Ford focus 2012 has the the parking shifter stock on parking cant put it to gear can it be the same problem
Great explanation and extremely helpful
I didn’t watch this for the switch, i needed to get to the lil stopper behind it, because it broke! xD i had to pull the fuse out too (because I couldn’t work on it over night and didn’t want my battery dying again) thank you!
Super, danke!
I have a 98 lumina but when I use the left turn signal and brake the right do not come on.
I just glued a old razor blade on the piece of metal where the hike is. took ten seconds! got basic idea from here. I did t pull cutter pin either and I'm 6'2 250pounds and did it no problem. thanks
It's very practical, radar detector plus this equals speeding ticket proof.
thanks bro
You saved my ass Billy Bob, you are the freaking man!
sir not all kadena pwedi sa kerosen kc may kadena na may o-ring na hindi sya pwedi sa kerosen peace po
Supposedly you can push the parking brake and if the dash brake light gets brighter, it's not your parking brake switch. It might be the fluid level or pressure differential switches.
lods, kagaya din ba yan ng sa mga carb?
I'm having the opposite problem actually, my brake lights intermittently do not work and I believe it is because the little switch is getting stuck or for some reason it is just not functioning so I am replacing the entire brake light switch module.
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