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How to repair windscreen weatherstrip on RAM Promaster 3500

Body Technician
Mark Thomas
You ask how to replace windscreen weatherstrip in your vehicle, you can see the article how to replacing windscreen weatherstrip by yourself!
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This helped quick!
I had a broken wire in the door straight above the license lights
right.. those Ford Lightnings just wouldn't sell.
What is the big deal with that substrate?
You have alot to learn!!! The top cover is NOT called a shroud! It's just a Cover!! Also, it's an ENGINE, NOT a motor. Next, it's just called a air vane and NOT an air vane govenor!!! Learn to get the terms correct, I'm sick of people calling things the wrong thing!!
I've just done this on a 2003 Cooper S and there's a large spring retaining clip that's not shown on this video. Assume it was dropped for the Gen 2 cars? Def agree about the jack if you're going to lay under the car get a stand.
Can you jump with a life vest? i dont know how to swim but i would love to do that cliff dive thing! :)
Where did you get your fuel tank, I run a 130 for commercial purposes and would appreciate the extra range
Great video. Told me exactly what I needed to know. Many thanks.
I need one of those lifts... only problem is the roof of the car winding up in my master bedroom...
I live in UK. I have had a black FK8 since August ‘20. There is no way I’ll be selling mine anytime soon. I just love how multifunctional the vehicle is. I bought the car because it has a big boot (for the kids pram, shopping etc) and I bought it for the performance as well as a daily. You cannot go wrong. The fk8 is worlds apart from my trusty old FN2 that I sold.
is it bad to touch the ceramic part with your fingers? Why is that? Thanks for the Vid
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Hello, I'm from Indonesia. How I can order this part? My email yan73761 Please your information and thank you for your help.
Any idea why my car wont stall when fuse 28 is removed? My car is a european spec if that makes a difference?
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I think it's just the audio problem, there is no way it could sound that bad, should've get a better mic
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I loved my XM but it ate driver side half-shafts.
Love it!
I have a key without a remote how can fix I please I have a remote as well but it's not with the key help pleeeeeaaaasssseeee
... made a wagon version of this model which I like, called the Safari. Side note - with the hydraulic suspension, you can lift it and change a tire without using a jack, as it will sit on three corners with no issue - at least for a rear tire change; unsure about changing a front tire using this method.
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