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How to repair exhaust mounting on Polestar 1

Intake & Exhaust Specialist
Richard Walker
If you ask how to change exhaust mounting in your vehicle, I’ll show you the info about exhaust mounting repair step-by-step!
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Comments on how to fix exhaust mounting on a Polestar 1:
I think it sounds better more traditional screaming 4 than before it was a bit more shouty
Thanks Jan, great content, keep it coming!
gonna be able to bleed it with the rad mounted that low?
The car build is like fusion power plant research, never finished always a few years out. Spin the wrong way.
What happen to this dude?? Is he ok?
All he has to do NOW to make better sales is. SELL PROP REDUCTION, ECU, and wiring harnesses as a KIT!! He will not sell unless you purchase entire engine kit.
The red markings on the belts was mesmerizing to watch when running!
Loving this build mate. Kudos to you and the team.
Think u might be needing new rear sprocket soon looks like shark teeth
Zawan I usually work on saturdays : if ever, ill give a heads up
Unbearable music.
What is happening at 7:33. Can you install this with basic tools?
what hp +
Where did you order the Alcantara pack?
ep.3 soon? :D
alright x-pipe heros, an x-pipe is to create a suction effect from the opposing banks firing...creating a scavenging effect to increase the exhaust gas velocity, that works great on naturally aspirated(non turbo) cars.. that's why we put one on my V10 Datsun 240z... After you put a turbo in the middle of the exhaust flow, it loses the pulsing, and has ZERO point..
AHAHAHA good signs for a healthy box!!!
Looks like cloth and not alcantara. Maybe Faux?
I still wait for the next video with the turbo :(
Yo where have you been... it’s been a year. Did you die or something
awesome build
Loved the whole dramatic bit in the beginning. Some Hollywood level acting my dudes. Haha
Are the baffles in the end can? both times you started it with the can on, there was a noticeable rattle. I'd like to see the new position from the full on side view, otherwise I can't judge if it looks okay to me or not, did you leave it? Also not to say it's wrong, but you don't generally need exhaust paste on modern exhausts with those types of clamps, you should get no air leaks without it (as long as the clamps are fitted correctly), I thought about using some but did not bother.
He 've said many many times oscar ''did agreat job''
I’m concerned the heat that the turbos will produce may distort the body above it. Or break the glass if there is glass there.
hat das Auto eine deutsche Zulassung? interessiere mich für es
slynx lol yeah once I found a few of those roads it became an every weekend affair. 42 in Kent is insane as well. And long meadow drive. My friend just dumped it there yesterday. Lemme know any Saturday... Maybe you can get me on the go pro. :P I'm usually always there on Saturdays.
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