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How to repair hydraulic cam follower on Piaggio Porter Maxxi

Engine Technician
Richard Walker
Wondering how to change hydraulic cam follower in your vehicle, I’ll show you the quick tutorial for hydraulic cam follower replacement easy and efficient way!
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Hi, from where you take the rpm signal for de shifr light? Thanks
Nice build!! doing the same to my Abarth except mine is not T-Jet we will see what kind of numbers I can get built internals and all supporting mods with big boy turbo.
How would failed lifters sound while the motor is running?
Sick build.
song name at the end?
340 cv??? Td04l???!!!...mhhhh h
erogazione stupenda, senza picchi di pressione messi a caso per far figo, tanta roba, complimenti!
Complimenti va forte!!!
Kun je misschien een korte video maken over het bestellen op mondo porter. Kom er niet uit.
You dint know that the 2015 crv has that too where the screen goes up it has it to the se to!
ingats fren ganda ng car thanks for sharing idea
I need a key like this
what to do to regain pressure in break lines?...i mistakenly separated the brembo calipers and all the fluid leaked i have no pressure inlines even with full reservoir
I had to disconnect the battery to get it going
Hello I just purchased the Android device I'm having a problem setting it up asking for a code when I go to the factory settings
Thanks mate. Much appreciated:)
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Just mentioned a surging issue in another video. If I remember correctly there are 4 small vacuum hoses that come off the intake manifold on the opposite side of the throttle body. I believe you can remove the one to the fuel pressure regulator and cap it at the manifold and it will give you a slight gain. You can remove another one for this gain: One or two of the small ones that if removed will cause the engine to surge also. It could be a vacuum issue you are having as you mentioned removing lots of things from the engine. You would have to put a B20A5 intake on your B21A1 to gain the benefit of dual runners and the hose removal mod but it does work. Doing the mod would also give you the opportunity to port and polish as well as gasket match. The larger bore of the B21A1 made the dual runners unnecessary as it gained 5hp without them. You may gain 5hp with the dual runner intake from the B20A5 on your engine.
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