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How to repair camshaft on Chevrolet Suburban

Engine Specialist
Matthew Miller
Do you know how to remove camshaft in your auto, I’ll show you instructions how to install camshaft DIY!
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Comments on how to fix camshaft on a Chevrolet Suburban:
Want that motor in my 03 f150...
I think this segment may have saved my mk4 a trip to hell.. I highly recommend you edit and cut out the segment where you incorrectly count rollers.. I'll own that I haphazardly search for solutions to my problems in haste. typical shit i do when utilizing youtube (or like observational learning resources) that have both, saved and sunk me include; increasing speed 2x, enabling captions, sifting description and comments for answers if segment seems heavily doused in filler, etc.. call it ADHD or someshit but I've never finished an entire vid on my own accord.. your delivery in speech is robust to a good extent where I would've perhaps dove right into the bitch, counting chain rollers just as you demoed the first time. production captions are often both, assistive and professional in film. something like, 'incorrect' or 'commonly made mistake' captioned during that first demo would finesse. probably just me, idk but you left your comment section open. thanks, again for dedicating your time to document and share your wisdom
what about the metal shavings that got ground off on the inside of the valve cover? could that cause a problem?
adrianchic13 let your mechanic do this for you ;) mr. no clue
Super 10
Sounds like someone didn't know what they were doing to me. The 1.8t has 76 lbs of spring pressure when the valve is closed, enough to hold back 90psi of manifold pressure before opening.
Looks like the offset was different. No aftermarket parts for me, just did the Dorman dance, it's no fun having to chase threads and make sure everything fits. I figured they couldn't screw up a cast part, but I was wrong.
Very Thorough video sir, I got the cams in from back when they were still available new. I always thought about doing the solid lifters, doesnt look really hard, just time consuming. definitely harder than the piece of cake solids in a 1967 slant six though, I think I will pass. Cant see doing that every 10-15000 miles. Great job as are all your videos
The true horsepower for the stock K20C4 is about 10HP+ more than Honda estimates on a Dyno
anyone know where a kit can be got for the generation 1 cynos and can be delivered 2 ireland please comment me
Have you done a video on the 5.4 cam phaser lockout kit?
why won't it fire
Hi, just to mention that cyl N0.1 must be at TDC when on the firing cycle. BTW what allen key and what socket did you use? Otherwise very usufull stuff. Thanks
This is called, CLICK BAIT
22:16 Where can you find this information online?
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