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How to repair leaf spring bush on Renault Twizy

Suspension Professional
Matthew Miller
You ask how to replacing leaf spring bush in your auto, I’ll show you the video how to replace leaf spring bush DIY!
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Comments on how to fix leaf spring bush on a Renault Twizy:
Hi you need to adjust headlight alignment as my beam was pointing too high.after fitting LEDs.i decided not to alter beam as my mot was due and I put old bulbs back in to pass not. My opinion is that the led high beam was bright but low beam not as good as original bulbs.use led for summer and original bulbs for winter..probably not worth the hassle to change to LEDs.
Have a look at my other video 'Twizy fault' where I've stated battery sizes and check eBay etc.
Good job
The last lot didn't last long? I seem to recall commenting on you turning the bushes down on the lathe?
Loving your videos... I’m years too late to make any comments of worth to you though! That seal land on the rear stub axles - can be replaced. You can get them off and buy them.
I have now subscribed - Mum!
DRill out the rubber core first. Then use a chisel to cut the inner metal bushing.
Chassis, spanners?
how much u charge for kitchen knife outa leaf spring
The quality of your video belies your aussie bushy exterior, you must be a cluey bloke up top, or does the ... and strife help out there. re your safety footwear, have you heard the term “Japanese safety boots”=thongs, ... pluggers better than single pluggers, and “Jesus creepers”=sandals. Even your shed is so much like the Australian farm sheds, big, open at one end and with corrugated iron, must make you feel at home in a strange land.
Because your original diff was a torque tube the bolt through the springs are about 50mm forwards of the diff centre! So when you put your diff back you will have to make the mount for the diff. you will have to add that 50mm out the front to relocate the diff back wards to fit the diff in the center of the guard.
106 subs, Triple digits! Go you!
Gotta love those big C clamp rigs! Excellent tool :)
Ye to badhiya hai
Great review on Vice grip garage,
You can repair that hub with new landing ring from Dingocroft : Land on Stub Axle for Hub Seal Ref: 599698 Application: Series 1 front axle, Series 2 and Series 3 upto 1980. Description: Replaceable land or spacer on stub axle that the wheel hub seal runs on. Approximate dimensions: outside diameter 2 5 inside diameter 1 13 (46mm), depth 7(11mm). Original part number: 217351 Price: £7.98 (£9.58 In cluding VAT at 20%)
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