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How to repair brake shoe spring on Zhonghua M3

Brakes Specialist
Joshua Martinez
Wondering how to replace brake shoe spring in your automobile, you can see the tutorial how to change brake shoe spring easy and efficient way!

How do you adjust the handbrake on a 2000 Zhonghua M3?

Zhonghua M3 Handbrake: How to adjust? C1, 107 - And then you can adjust that lock not so for my case my handbrake can only pull to three clicks I think about too tight I like to be five four or six. So four to six clicks.

How do you release the parking brake on a Zhonghua M3?

Parking Brake Location and Activation Chevy Suburban GMC Yukon XL. And you'll hear the parking brake in the rear. Probably heard that. So then to release it just hit the button again oh gotta step on the brake to release the parking brake.

What can self energization of drum brake shoes cause?

Because of the self-energizing qualities of drum brakes, the unrestrained shoes can even potentially cause the brakes to grab to the point of locking up the wheel.

Do I have to replace brake pad clips on a Zhonghua M3?

Look, the hardware should be replaced every time on front or back wheels. The cradle where the clip goes in should be wire wheeled or sanded and then new clips should be installed. The slides should be greased and the caliper piston should be smooth with hardly any resistance going back into the caliper.

Why is one brake shoe thicker than the other on a Zhonghua M3?

The shoe towards the front of the car is the self energizing shoe and sees more friction than the rear non-self energizing shoe due to the anchor points at the bottom of the backing plate, hence the different thickness.

Is used to adjust brake shoes on a Zhonghua M3 when the drum is installed?

Who is correct? Tech A says that a brake spoon is used to adjust brake shoes when the drum is installed.

What is the purpose of the spring in a wheel cylinder?

It has a cylinder, two pistons, two rubber cups and a spring. The fluid presses against the pistons that move outward in the cylinder. When the pistons come closer, the liquid is forced into the master cylinder, the spring between the two pistons holds the rubber cups in positions.

What color is brake fluid when it leaks on a 2000 Zhonghua M3?

When your vehicle leaks brake fluid, it typically leaves a trail that can range from a light, yellowish hue to a dark brown that resembles motor oil. If you suspect your vehicle is leaking, check on the ground under the vehicle, around the master cylinder, on the brake lines, on the rotors and on the drums.

How often do brake pads need to be replaced Zhonghua M3 2000?

How Often Do Brake Pads Need to Be Changed on Zhonghua M3 Vehicles? On average, most brake pads will last about 50,000 miles.

Should you replace springs with drum brakes on a Zhonghua M3 2000?

If you do not replace the hold down springs during a rear brake job, the springs are in danger of snapping. If this happens, it can cause brake drag or even a binding of the rear brakes.
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Leverage is an awesome thing dude
I loathe drums, but this video helped greatly! Although I only had pliers to work with so this was about as much fun as sticking my nuts in a salad shooter.
great video! I had no idea that measuring tool existed. genius.
Ford really screwed the pooch with this brake system, from smaller retainer clips to brake lever removal. Seems Ford does not want to move forward with better ideas always the worst. Been a mechanic for over 40 years and seen some stupid things and this one is one of them. Remember when they placed the ignition wires right over the fuel injectors, that was just great once you had an insert go bad it was bye bye Lincoln. By the way if you place a pair of grips with a rag in the center cable for the emergency pull and grip and will give you extra cable to install a non-needed replacement lever. I use to love Fords from the Shelby to the Galaxy 500 but now forget them with their BS ideas thou it's good for me as I charge more for anything with a Ford name on it. Good video bud keep up with your work in helping out the novice and experienced mechanic new ideas always a plus, thanks
Hi FTM, I will be putting rear brake shoes on my sister's 2010 escape. Motorcraft brake shoes from Amazon BRF- 936 but then they sent me Br-936-B. They are made in China. What is the difference from BRF-936 and BR-936-B. thanks
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Van Aken
I’ve done this style brake drums and it took me 30 minutes due to some complications. Another pro tip u do not need to take any aprons off the get a wheel cylinder on if u forget to put it together. And the hold down springs are a pain in the ass
Just starting on my series 2a SWB Land Rover... very new at this and have taken great heart from your excellent videos!
Great video! Learning a lot! Much appreciated. Yes, I believe you need to cut a small recess channel in the gasket that aligns wit the the notch on the transfer case to allow the leaking oil to drain out the notch. If not the gasket will act like a dam an prevent the leaking oil from draining!