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How to repair hydraulic filter on Changhe Ideal

Lubrication Technician
Joshua Martinez
If you want to know how to change hydraulic filter in your car, you can see the article how to change hydraulic filter by yourself!
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Comments on how to fix hydraulic filter on a Changhe Ideal:
How much fluid did u use to fill
I am a first-time tractor owner. My L3901 DT will be delivered later today. I want to do the maintenance by the book. Just making sure I am 100% correct. For my tractor, the fluid changes include: Hydraulic fluid, 1 Hydraulic filter, Engine oil, and engine oil filter? Really appreciate your videos.
Excellent video, very helpful. I would recommend removing the left wheel for easier access. For models with the XL cab you really have no other choice
Good morning sir
When I first found your channel I thought that Case was in good shape.. now I know why!!! Great maintenance and repair on the old girl!!!
How do you put hydraulic fluid in it?
That's ARod for this video, did what u showed in the video. No leaks till I took her on the highway. Next morning there was a slow leak from drain plug. Couldn't get to stop, got a new drain plug. Even with new drain plug still leaking. Now had to get a new trans pan. Tomorrow I will find out if it works. Thanks for coming out with this video.
Hlo sir
Formertrack 60 65 Slow speed kam karna kis baje se hai
મહિન્દ્રા B 275 નું DI એન્જિન મલી શકે? જૂનું.
For some reason you sound like Joe from the garage squad.. Lol
It's good that you 'found' that hydraulic oil filter, and changed it What model year is this Case, Joe?
Nyc guru ji
Hello sir mere pass John Deere 5039 d tractor hai kya usko bhi ISI tarah se saaf kar sakte hain John Deere ka water plug kahan hota hai aur usko nikaalne ke liye kitne ki chnomberabi lagti hai
My 2014 6.7 has 67k miles. Should I just do this same procedure and when should I do it?
Sir uska distibuer &pump ka pic bhezna sir
Finally warmed up a bit, but I don't think it will last! Next week looks cold again. Late first cut hay this year...
How come my 2019 f250 doesn't have a trans dipstick? ts an automatic with 4×4...
Khub khub abhindan abdul bhai veree gud bhai
Where is your mahindra grader and earth master vx
How's she goin'? Doing regular maintenance is probably the best thing you can do to protect your investment in your tractor. Not only will it ensure it operates properly, but it will help secure a good resale value as well. Great job Martin!!! Take care!!
Thanks for posting!
'The ENTIRE Hydraulic System is being serviced in this edition of Tractor Tips and Tricks. ' Spent more time on the cardboard :(
Do you do a video on changing Air Filter? IH585xl
Great video! Love your narration voice and the details you provide. I laughed out loud on your comment “I feel like I’m being watched”. New subscriber. Thank you for making this. It will be very helpful for me and my L3830. Also, I’m glad there was very little music or at least very low music so it wasn’t annoying.
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