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How to repair glow plug socket on Volvo XC90

Engine Specialist
Mark Thomas
If you want to know how to remove glow plug socket in your automobile, I’ll show you the info how to replace glow plug socket by yourself!
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Comments on how to fix glow plug socket on a Volvo XC90:
Many thanks, done in 15 minutes car started first time
Every so often when using my kickdown the car wont go, just judders like fuel starvation. It’s not the mat stuck under the pedal lol. Read fault Code and it’s came up with glow plug module. Why would the gpm effect the kick down I don’t know. Any ideas there are no other faults.
Hi thank you for the message yes suppose I had to change my keys and PCM I will see now if it would work thank you again good day
Hi can you let me know what your car was doing he said he didn’t start but was it turning over but wouldn’t start or you turn the key and it’s dead because my car is dead I turn the key and there’s nothing to mobilizer want to go off for me
Bro where did you buy that for £80 Looks very good price and also do you really have to take the battery wires off???
Good video info. On mine the metal collar under the nut is crimped on there so you can’t turn that nut. Only the bolt holding nut stationary. The metal safety collar twisted on Mine and road up the side of the nut. Pushing the socket or wrench off of it. Pain in the ass. Had to hammer that collar piece down to get box and on it. After that I held it on one spot only turning the bolt and it came out fine then. Nut is worn. Need a new one. Torque if I recall for glow plug is 13 ft lbs and 18 Inch pounds for the small nut on the end by the wire. Nickel anti seize is a good idea on the threads of the glow plug. Good to 2400 degrees. My no 4 went 100k miles.
This vid helped me! Thanks man
The information I was looking for! Thanks!
Just watched your vid and then changed mine the tip on bolt order was good, whole job done in 15mins, thanks :-)
Thanks. I seen another video where the guy removed the boot up top. Much better only having to remove 1 thing. Lol
Thanks, I have 3 glow plugs that are bad. Gonna be changing all out in a week, been wondering about this particular one.
What a bloke, exactly what I needed cheers mate
Gracias eres el mejor, sigue así! (3
Hie guy I'm looking for Volvo xc60 T6 fuel filter location
My 2007 S60 off when driving.have change fuel BN pump.condition improve but it still hesitate, sputtered and off when driving.WHAT DO IDO
I can not get the pan down, did you have to bend the hard PS line to get past the corner? I cut the tab as well but still can't get it to drop.
not bad for a helicopter pilot...funny...wh at model I am fixed wing dispatcher. I just changed mine a couple of weeks ago at about 107K...fuel came out black...changed not a moment too soon.
Changing it shouldn't improve economy at all... Fuel filter protects injectors; It's just part of regular maintenance, and unless your filter is reallllyyy clogged up and fuel pressure is low, the car should run the same, no?
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