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How to repair ignition control module on Chery Apola

Engine Specialist
Jeffrey Lopez
You ask how to change ignition control module in your auto, I’ll show you the info how to install ignition control module when it's time!

What is an electronic ignition module?

The component is also known as the control unit of an ignition system. it's what monitors and controls the timing and intensity of the spark automatically. The device receives voltage signals from the armature and set the primary coil on and off.

Should you ever disconnect or try to repair the electronic control module yourself on a Chery Apola?

You should never disconnect or try to repair the electronic control module yourself because you could seriously damage your vehicle or yourself.

How do you check an ignition with a multimeter on a Chery Apola?

Discover How To Test Your Entire Ignition System With One Simple Tool It's reading at six thousand sixty one hundred and the book says you should be between 5,000 to 7,000. So that's how you check the ignition coil for resistance.

How long do ignition modules last on a Chery Apola?

Average lifetime of ignition coil is around 100,000 miles or more. It is not an easy worn out replacement car part but still could fail for variety of reasons. #1. Coil insulation worn out due to aging.

What does electronic spark timing mean on a Chery Apola?

The electronic spark advance (ESA) system calculates duration for keeping the electric power on and the timing of ignition, and outputs an ignition signal depending on the crank angle.

Can an ignition control module cause a misfire on a Chery Apola?

A faulty ignition module can affect ignition timing, resulting in an engine that misfires and runs rough. the engine may also run well at low speed, but won't accelerate well. stalling: a failing ignition module can occasionally prevent the engine from getting spark, causing it to stall.

Can you fix a Ignition Control Module?

Some ignition modules are mounted inside the distributor. Unplug the electrical connector from the module and remove the mounting bolts using a Phillips screwdriver or ratchet and socket. Replace the old module with the new unit and install the mounting bolts. Replace the distributor cap.

Does Chery Apola have remote start?

Remote start your Chery Apola with your OEM factory key by pressing the lock button 3x. Your vehicle will run for 15-60 minutes and when you are ready to leave, just enter the vehicle, buckle up and drive away.

How do you reset the computer on a Chery Apola?

  1. Ignition "ON", count to 3
  2. Depress/Release pedal 5 times... hard and fast
  3. Count to 10 (not 7!) and fully depress pedal
  4. Count to 12 (SES should be blinking), release pedal
  5. Count to 10, depress pedal
  6. Count to 10, release pedal
  7. Turn off ignition, then start engine. Done

How much does it cost to replace a win module on a Chery Apola?

Description. Repairs are available for GEN1 WIN modules as shown in the attached pictures. Repair price is $199.95 + Shipping $19.95 (3-5 business days) OR $60 for Next Day.
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