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How to repair ball bearing on Suzuki Wagon R+

Steering Technician
Jeffrey Lopez
Wondering how to replace ball bearing in your car, I’ll show you instructions how to replace ball bearing very easy and efficient way!
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How about ... the ball into the hole with epoxy (49% submerged), and then shoot it out with air? If the ball has perfect surface, you'll get a perfect sphere. Epoxy does not stick to well to smooth surface, but maybe a thin layer of mold release could be added to the ball first.
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Great. My son-in-law and I fixed our 1996 model. The frame was constructed differently from the one in the video, but the inside was identical. Of course, there were stripped screws and tons of lint, but otherwise, it went well, and our machine is good as new. I miss the shrieking noise. Not really. The bushing had a hole all the way through the bottom, and there was abundant soot. Hoomeyow!! Thanks.
My dad got ahold of one in.30-06... now I am more pissed she sold it for $45 after dad died.
That is awesome, I want the same setup for my 2013 2.0t Genny, are yall still open. I would like to contact you for pricing, or do you have the price list available?
yet still has stock manifold?? = Explosion. that car has more like 400 horse lol... Mine has way more shit then this car under the hood 1992 eagle talon awd tsi 1G 4G63T 6 bolt larger turbo,Injectors, Intercooler + an epic mass airflow system W control, Straight piped to a bat wing. a nice car tho, But def not 650 horse. for what you showed in that car.
Diesel clutch fan I guess?
SKF6326 yapdi yaduthiga sir???
You guys still happy with that mamba turbo?
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I bought my first. Otc bearing installer in 1988 so l 've been doing this a while. Saw the vidio and ordered a thrust bearing. It works great, makes it much less of a strain on your tools. By the way, my a.c. clutch installer and my ps pump pulley installer came with a thrust bearing. Wonder why otc didn't include one as well. Great vids I do not get as much rust in Tennessee as you do, but I do get some. I feel for you. Good work ain't cheep and cheep worth ain't good. Keep up the good.
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