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How to repair camshaft seal on MAN TGE

Engine Technician
Thomas Moore
Do you know how to install camshaft seal in your vehicle, you can see the video tutorial how to replace camshaft seal step-by-step!
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Comments on how to fix camshaft seal on a MAN TGE:
Iya kebalik...yg lubang membuka menghadap ke busi mas..jadi pas masuk selongsong busi..kalo gitu ntar mengganjal koil..lagian sekali lg ngk usah bor buka tutup..ngk menghalangi kok..tinggal di tekan sudah masuk...
do valves bend when timing belt brakes on that engine?
Thanks for the video's is the timing 40 teeth across 43 teeth down to crankshaft?
No need for any apologies. An excellent video, coupled with your pleasant personality!! Thank you for your most professional presentation.
I have 1986 volvo 240 dl.Im at my end of rope i have no spark from coil.I replaced icu,ecu,mass pickup in distributor,coil,i gnition switch,fuel relay,spark plugs need help please
If you can get back to me awesome or if someone else can answer this. On the driver side when you do the cam cap and the cam seal that is covered by cam speed sensor cap. I can seem to get it off I take the two 10m bolts out but the coolant line seems to be in the way any tips to get it out with out breaking something thanks!.
Donde puedo conseguir la heramienta que usa para sostener la polea cuando leda el torque meintersa
it looks the same on the 2002 Audi A4 2.4L V6 (BDV) engine
Hi, Thank you so much for this. Very good and clear. I have a badly leaky number 2 cylinder spark plug sleeve which is captive under the valvetronic assembly. do you think it would be posssible to remove the valvetronic assembly or lift it far enough to replace the sleeve without removing the inlet cam? Can I zip tie the rockers to the eccentric shaft but leave the inlet cam in the car still timed?
seedyoldman You're welcome. Thanks for watching and commenting.
I have the sequence for replacing bolts to valve cover but how many pounds of torque are required?
Man, This is incredibly helpful. I am about to change the timing belt pump cover seals on my 3uz (2002 Lexus SC430 110K Miles) Watching your vid's makes me way more confident. I do however have a couple of questions. 1. Since Im not a pro like you that can 'Feel' the proper torque settings, do you have a recommendation on where I can find the proper torque settings for my 3uz? Including taking out the cams, valve cover gasket bolts etc? I really want to be able to sleep at night knowing nothing is too loose or too tight. And 2. The 'O-Ring' on the VVTi. you said it was 2.5mm what is the diameter? Thanks for these vids! you rock! Andrew (Orlando FL, USA)
Hi before putting in tool 3366 are you suppose to have the chain at top dead center? The reason I ask, because I put the tool on and it did absolutely nothing; chain is just as tight as with it off!!! Should I take the tool off and manually turn the shaft so the tensioner raises to it's highest point? TY :)
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