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How to repair tie rod end on Volvo S90

Steering Technician
Thomas Moore
Interesting how to replace tie rod end in your auto, take a look how to change tie rod end with no problem!
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Comments on how to fix tie rod end on a Volvo S90:
Helo bro How much it cost to change ball joint,and outer tie rod ends?? For old figo
When I remove the zero from the outer tie rod ends after greasing, grease oozes out quite a bit. Is it okay to leave the zero in the outer tie rod? Is it a sign of over filling?
Perfect video. Went really fast through the first steps that everyone already shud know like jacking it up. Then got right to the nitty gritty and even gave the torque specs to finish it off. Just perfect. Great job Man.
Never removed a tie rod end without a joint splitter. Even using a splitter it can be very hard to remove.
i put some C4 and pin is no more
Nice little ''hack'' for a lawn mower in an emergency.Thanks for the idea.
very impressive dude larry.
This video was dope too (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Como siempre; muy didáctico, muy útil. Muchas gracias...
Breaker bar would of worked also. Slide a piece of metal tubing on the wrench.
Ang mahal ng singil ng taga CASA pero yan pa nangyari. Grabe talaga rakit ng mga taga CaSA Boss. Dami talaga mapag samantala although d naman lahat pero kadalasan sa CaSA pera2x lang talaga...
Is a 'Inner Tie Rod', and 'Inner Ball Joint',the same thing? My Inner Tie Rod,makes a clinking sound. If they are different to each other, do I need to replace both?
This video sucks, can't see anything you are pointing at in the back and all of a sudden you have a tool in place? Wack.
Parts rate koode parajal nanayerikum
That could have loosened but not attributable to the recent maintenance. Normally tie rod ends are not loosened during routine service. Imbestiga muna wag puro bobo content.
DodgeMan360 How much was the Moog replacement?
does this tundra still have the shock extenders?
saludos una duda tengo un vocho full injecition es modelo 1998 ya con mas de 300 mil km por las mañanas de frio enciende al llavaso pero el motor no esta parejo hasta que calienta unos ya debo hacer ajuste completo de motor gracias
No Torque Specs for any of the nuts??? Using an impact gun during wheel installation is not the right way.
What suspension arms are you going to use? And what engine?
You are much appreciated Robert. Thanks for all the work and the sharing that you do.
You wonder why you got runner up? Have you seen the front of your car?! That Ford front end is next level awesome. It's not just you. I'm pretty sure everyone loves it. Hence, the trophy my good man.
Great video, loving the girl power, respect.
Love the videos but why does mine never go as straight forward as yours. Seized parts, rounded heads. Grrrrrrr.
Not sure if you still monitor the comments on this video, but I'm having a lot of ... getting the vertical bolt in the lower ball joint. I noticed it took you a while as well but could't tell exactly what you did to get it in. What worked for you? I'm referring to the bolt you are trying to get in at Thanks
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