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How to repair exhaust manifold gasket on Hyundai Elantra

Intake & Exhaust Specialist
Joshua Martinez
Wondering how to install exhaust manifold gasket in your automobile, you can see the tutorial how to remove exhaust manifold gasket when it's time!
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Comments on how to fix exhaust manifold gasket on a Hyundai Elantra:
Not long now mate it's looking great. Cool video chap
Do you have any Chevy Cruze oil pan gasket videos?
I’m in Maryland. Yes I’m a subscriber. I have a 77 Cj-5. I have a 304 amc. I just had the same problem so I had to change my header gaskets. She sounds great now. Oh yeah my jeep is all rino lined in and out and my rims are white. I’m gonna do the same as you and paint them black
did u have to use a ring compresser
Do you get the high pitched hum after you shut the engine off? And if you do what causes it
'97 TJ 2.5l 4 cyl. Subscriber, South Ural, Russia
Currently don't have a manifold or cat converter. Car sounds like a bubbling cauldron and a helicopter landing. Just driving for emergency purposes until parts arrive.
im not trying to make better power are anything I just want to fix the truck for some reason 0630 heads are few without cracks
What are the o-rings for? In my gasket kit there’s 15 o-rings
My truck sounds exactly like this and I’m pretty sure my manifold stud is missing a nut.
Awesome Job! 01TJ...In Missouri...
Don't grind that thing down its how you determine your engine timing lol!
Which way does the gasket go? There's a shiny side and a gray side and I don't know which way its supposed to go on
Sounds like a lot of part swapping, you must love pain lol. I cant say i understand all of it, well i can but i would be lieing LOL :-D
Shout out from the Navajo Nation
Always put some rtv on the left side where the black lines are. 71 inch pounds torque for the bolts.
do you happen to know the size of the bolts? all mine are too rusted to put back on, and i cant find out the size for the other ones on passenger side that connect the heat shield.
Thanks for the videos man, appreciate the help and knowledge u share. Keep em up.
Thanks for the video. Did this resolve the screeching sound?
Did you use any gasket sealant or something similar? Also can you drive it right after you change the part or do you have to wait?
It's not a bad idea to have it around. I've read the bolts could brake off while trying to remove them... just wanted to prevent that from happening
How are you getting the exhaust s* off my rested up very tight and hard northern vehicle
I have this same lawn mower and the problem is a poor design of the muffler. The manifold tube fits loosely in the muffler causing a leak an excessive noise. I am thinking about welding the tube onto the muffler. It is loud it hurts your ears. What is the point of a muffler?
Save yourselves some time and throw a stroked 4.6 motor in it. Get a harness and computer and call it good. Get all the renix garbage outta there!!
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