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How to change automatic transmission fluid (ATF) on Zxauto Landmark

Lubrication Technician
Daniel Clark
You want to know where to add automatic transmission fluid (ATF) in your automobile, I’ll show you the manual about automatic transmission fluid (ATF) checking easy and efficient way!

How do you check the transmission fluid on a 2008 Zxauto Landmark?

How To Check and Fill Zxauto Landmark Transmission Fluid aka. - First select control module. Then Oh to auto trans control module. Then select measuring box or eighth.

What kind of oil does a Zxauto Landmark take?

Product Name Capacities
Signature Series 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil With filter 5.1 quarts After refill check oil level.
XL 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil With filter 5.1 quarts After refill check oil level.
OE 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil With filter 5.1 quarts After refill check oil level.

Does Valvoline make Mopar Zxauto Landmark transmission fluid?

Make sure you get the right trans fluid for your make / model. bought a case great price , Valvoline makes mopar trans oil.

Is Synthetic ATF better on a 2006 Zxauto Landmark?

Synthetic ATF does not cause leaks. In fact, good synthetics like AMSOIL will condition seals and extend their lifespan. Conventional ATF may have a thicker viscosity in cooler temperatures. Synthetic ATF has a fairly consistent viscosity across the temperature spectrum.

How do you change PDK fluid on a Zxauto Landmark?

Zxauto Landmark PDK Transmission Fluid and Filter Change - Use a 10 millimeter allen and remove the drain plug red arrow let all of the fluid drain inspect the plug for metal install a new crush washer and install the plug in torque to spec.

What is ATF +4 on a Zxauto Landmark?

Valvoline ATF +4 is the full-synthetic automatic transmission fluid that has been uniquely engineered to meet and exceed the requirements of (FCA) Fiat Chrysler automatic transmissions and is officially licensed and approved for all ATF +4 applications including Chrysler, Dodge and Ram.

How much does Zxauto Landmark charge for transmission service?

The cost of a new Zxauto Landmark transmission could be over $3,500 depending on the vehicle, however, transmission services such as fluid changes and a transmission fluid flush are considerably less expensive, in some cases costing less than $150. These services are stern to prolonging the life of your Zxauto Landmark transmission.

How do you put 2007 Zxauto Landmark transmission fluid in a Mustang?

Zxauto Landmark v6 transmission fluid level check or replacement It down in there just pump it until it fills up so this passenger side right next to the o2 sensor.

When should the transmission fluid be changed on a Zxauto Landmark 2021?

Zxauto Landmark transmission fluid changes are extremely crucial to keep your vehicle's transmission pleasant and lubricated. If you don't routinely change your fluids at least every 30,000 miles or so, you may find that your Zxauto Landmark transmission will slip.

How often should you change transmission fluid in a Zxauto Landmark sport?

The Zxauto Landmark has a recommended maintenance schedule for Transmission Fluid Exchange every 30,000 miles.
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Great informative stuff your coming up with. New 15 SRT owner here and I need to learn as much as I can. Not that many here in Australia. Oh and I assume you didn't actually need that separate gasket order? Cheers.
thank you for the video!do u need a transmission filter too for this car?
First I would like to say a large percentage of people are watching this because they have,or suspect a transmission problem,& are trying to fix it by changing the fluid.,(probably too little & too late)! Secondly anything synthetic in ATF is so superior to the old fluid type, it makes comparison to the old ATF irrelevant, yet no one is mentioning this.Third, just about any synthetic ATF is better than what you are draining out., Even manufacturers are using 'semi synthetic' cause it costs them less than 0 synthetic, & unlike the consumer they can get their own percentage blend.Unless you are confusing CVT transmissions with ordinary clutch pack transmissions, (stepped transmissions)., I challenge any one to show that say Amsoil, or valvoline multi vehicle ATF caused any premature wear,or component wear.Simply put,if they get licensed for everything some one will have to explain where the manufacturer gets it's slightly inferior product, but then sells it at a higher price!
HI. I have an SLK350, with an 722.906. I wanted to change the transmission fluid as you in the video, but I stopped in the first step. I rotated the cranckshaft, just like you, but I didn't find the drain plug in the Torque Converter. How can I drain the T The T housing is 1.5532.1. Thx
Where did you find that long funnel that was small enough in diameter to fit into the transmission dipstick tube?
Useful washer drain plug info: The washer for the gearbox oil drain and engine are the same size M18 x 24mm x 1.5mm You can order these very cheaply from eBay. In the UK you can get about 10 for £3
Why not next compare vagisil and KY? Why test crap no one would ever use who has any sense??? What’s next, Crisco vs. Wesson?
I have landcruser 5.7 2016 having a problem on gear shift jumps only 75000km the dealer reprogrammed but still the problem exists anyone knows the solution to the problem?
Not honda accord you dont even have to start car just check it pull short dip out look at it hatched area above it thats it
This has been going around the internet for a long time. Apparently the original formula wasn't just ATF and acetone. The two don't mix (PSF was also tried). They used trichloroethelyne as the solvent. More here:
So i read that the Amsoil cvt is compatible with the Toyota FE cvt fluid. Does that mean that it could be blended? Amsoil is 1 the price of the toyota stuff, does that mean that it's different?